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Powwow Coverage

The Salvation Army is taking steps to build new relationships with Canada’s first people. One of those initiatives is a powwow. This is a traditional gathering in some parts of the country where dancing and feasting help forge new understanding. They wanted photographs and videos of the 2nd annual powwow, being hosted at a camp in Alberta.

Lyyf Studio was hired to shoot and edit two field videos (news packs) during the event for distribution on the Army’s large national social media networks. And after the event an overview video was required for internal and external distribution.

Sacred Journey

Lyyf covered the journey of Bishop Logan McMenamie as he walked the length of Vancouver Island in search of reconciliation with First Nations.

The challenge was to work within a tight budget yet produce real-time material to keep the news cycle going while gathering content for a final video.


  • shooting at key points along the way
  • source third party material, negotiate usage rights
  • rush field edits to sustain momentum (six videos)
  • develop motion graphics
  • produce print and visual social media inventory
  • create final documentary

Souris River Canoes

Lyyf captured the energy of Souris River Canoes. Two videos were shot on location in north-western Ontario. The first was an atmospheric sales package while the second was a process video showing how canoes are built and introducing staff to potential customers.

Diocese of Rupertsland

Lyyf took on a comprehensive consulting assignment to completely overhaul the existing communications department for the Anglican Diocese of Rupertsland (south-eastern Manitoba & north-western Ontario):

  • develop and sell strategy and tactics to internal stakeholders
  • create branding
  • build and roll out new communication channels including website, social media, print and digital publications
  • create sales videos, print and digital sales material
  • create digital asset management system plus layout and email templates
  • staff training
  • liaison with existing national media outlets
  • build in-house and virtual team for go-forward
  • ongoing project support and consultation

The meaning of Lyyf

Lyyf Studio is a Canadian media production company. As a sub-brand of Areopagus we create sponsored and client-driven material. Our sister sub-brand Dispatches creates independent journalism.

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